Fraud Forensic Investigative Audit Approach

Each forensic audit assignment is unique. Accordingly the actual approach adopted and the procedures performed will be specific to it. In general the following steps are followed:

Meet with the client

First we meet with our client to obtain an understanding of the important facts, players and issues at hand.  It is a well understood aspect of our conducting our investigation that setting clear expectations and constant communication to all of the key parties is an essential part of our process. Our aim is for our communications to be clear and concise.

Engagement  Letter

Second, we would issue an engagement letter which would include the scope of services, fee arrangements and indemnification and references to legal matters.

Information we need prior to commencement

What is the time frame under review?
What is the nature of the concerns and allegations?
What is the site, and what are the logistical demands to work effectively?
Who are the targets? Based on the predication, determine the potential targets of the investigation.
What type of deadlines, reporting requirements, audit committee meetings and the like are pertinent to the investigation
Have other investigations with the same focus been conducted?
What other entities, regions, or sites may be involved?
Are background checks of employees conducted as a precondition of employment?
How long has the problem apparently existed?

erform an initial investigation

Determine whether any allegation requires immediate remedial action

Develop and action plan

Obtain the relevant evidence

Perform an analysis

​Prepare the report


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