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MBA Taxation

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The number one criteria for a taxpayer being selected for an audit by the IRS is your tax preparer. When the IRS finds a firm that prepares bad tax returns, they audit a significant number of their returns, major tax franchises fit the bill. My self and my firm have been preparing  tax returns since 1977. We have yet to have a client audited

We can prepare income tax returns for all 50 states and for every city in the United States which imposes an income tax. We prepare corporate,partnership, nonprofit and individual income tax returns

Here is what you get

1) Use of top rated software. We have the ability to file in all 50 states

2) Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our computer software and staff

3) Your return will be filed electronically, if you are due a refund it will come faster

4) We will assist you in adjusting your payroll withholding if that is what you wish

5) If you have a small business and your books need some help we will provide  the accounting help you need

6) We will minimize your tax within the letter of the law​

7) We will be your IRS Designee, we take full responsibility for your return with the IRS, the company name, tax id number, address and phone number will be on your tax return, If the IRS has a problem, they will call us to resolve the problem
We are here all year around
​The owner has 40 years of experience