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MBA Taxation

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​Starting a new business can be challenging and trying. Mr Cullinane has significant experience with start ups having started a business in Hong Kong for Johnson & Johnson and two of his own, one a manufacturer and the other a CPA firm. IN addition he has assisted many entrepreneurs  in starting their business.

Here at Daniel Cullinane we offer what few firms can, which is one stop for all your business start up needs.  When you start a business one of your precious assets is time and to get all the necessary pieces in place to start your business takes a significant amount of time. There is so much research to do and so much to accomplish and the time just flys by which start ups cannot afford.

The following is what we offer and we can do everything very quickly:

1)We will incorporate your business, obtain a federal id number and register you business with New Jersey or the state of your choice.

2) We will set up your books using Quickbooks and train you if necessary or we will do the bookkeeping for you.

3) We will assist you setting up payroll and help obtain the business insurance you need.

4) We can assist you in finding a place of business

5) We can assist you in developing a strategic and marketing plan

6) We can design a web site for you

​7) We can get you a page one presence on Google