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​What's New in QuickBooks 2016  

QuickBooks Bill Tracker

One of the new features in 2016 is the Bill Tracker.  This can be located by clicking the Icon on the Navigation Bar as shown below or by clicking the Vendors drop down menu.  Similar to the Income tracker from previous years, this feature allows us to track “money out” and is available in all 2016 versions.  Below are some highlights of this new feature:

The colored frames along the top provide a summary of Unbilled Purchase Orders, Unpaid Bills, Overdue Bills and Paid Bills.  By clicking on any of these 4 frames the appropriate information will be displayed.
You can sort the list by a particular Vendor by choosing it via the drop-down menu.
You can sort transactions by Type by choosing the drop-down menu.  The choices are Bills, Item Receipts or Credits.
The Status option allows you to sort by All, Open or Overdue.
The Date range allows for an unlimited number of choices and the Group By options allows you to group the choices by Vendor.

Batch Actions & Manage Transactions

As shown below, you can perform batch actions by selecting the appropriate actions.

In this example I’ve selected all bills.  By clicking the Batch Actions drop down you can pay all of the bills at once.
Another choice is you can print or close Purchase Orders in batch.  This is a nice option compared to doing it one at a time as in previous versions.
The Manage Transactions drop-down has some great new functionality.  You can create new Purchase Order, Bills or Checks very quickly.
Also in this drop-down you can Edit Highlighted Row.  The second picture below shows the Bill associated with the highlighted row for Western Telephone Company.  The ability to “drill down” into transactions from multiple views and reports in QuickBooks continues to be one of the strongest features in the software.

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