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A wage garnishment is a means for collecting taxes.

​Dealing with the IRS can be complex and challenging due to the complexities of the depth of knowledge or lack of knowledge with the agent you are dealing with. You need an experienced expert to handle this or you can hurt.

A wage garnishment is a direct reduction from your wages and is forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service. It remains in effect until the IRS  notifies the employer the levy has been released. This can be handled but is not easy but we have been successful in having the levy released

One way to address this is to file an IRS Collection Appeal. The first step is to grant us a power of attorney and then we notify the IRS of our intention to appeal the garnishment. This will put the levy on hold until the IRS reviews the appeal.

Another approach is to attempt to get the taxpayer in uncollectable status.. This would remove the garnishment.